Why You Should Choose Us for Your 99 Rose Bouquet?

Flowers may wither but the romantic gesture will stay in the heart forever.
The Bloom Outlet helps you achieve the romance you want to bring into the relationship by giving not just 99 flowers but amazing, well-arranged 99 roses to that special someone who has got your heart.

Giving a flower to someone you love during a special occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, business grand openings or any other event that is special to someone is already a social custom all around the world. We will help you with this romantic gesture by decorating and making a bouquet, standee or even a banner! When you don’t have time to personally give the flowers or you’re too busy to go to our shop to buy one, don’t worry because we’re delivering all around the island of Singapore, we even have our 99 roses large flowers delivery ready right now!

Who said flowers have to be expensive to be beautiful? Our products are definitely worth an Instagram post or worth to be shown in a Pinterest collection or board yet the prices we offer are still affordable for you. The Bloom Outlet know affordability is important but it does not mean it will compromise the quality and reliability of our product and service.

No need to look for an affordable florist in Singapore because we’ve got you! The Bloom Outlet also offers appealing arrangements for your flowers and the best part is you can find us online where our products and prices are posted. You can go through our portfolio and pricing to help you decide which flower gift you’ll be purchasing. Our products are in Grade A+ quality from the smallest product to the largest products we offer.

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We Have the Best 99 Roses Collections in Singapore.

Did you hear about how the colors of a rose symbolize your emotions or feelings to the person you are giving the flowers to? Red says “I love you.” and yellow roses are to say you’re happy with the warm friendship they give! Now that’s a fun way to say what you feel through roses. If you’re shying away and couldn’t say you loved him or her at first sight, just give a purple rose! Here are the colors roses we have available for you:

  • Rainbow rose
  • Red Rose
  • White rose
  • Pink rose
  • Purple rose
  • Black rose
  • Yellow rose
  • Champagne rose
  • Orange rose

The feeling of being loved – that’s what we want them to feel. It’s nice to feel that you’re being loved by someone and there are so many ways of showing it. Here is our Luxurious Large Bouquet List:

  • 199 Rose Bouquet
  • 999 Rose Bouquet
  • 9999 Rose Bouquet
Our 99 Long Stem Roses Collections

99 Premium Roses

Brighten up someone’s day by sending the most magnificent 99 rose bouquet!

Why are we all about 99 roses? What does this mean?

Love with no boundaries, standing through the test of time, a love without end.

That is the 99 roses bouquet meaning. 99 roses are very popular and are the current trend of showing a grand romantic gesture to the one you love. Imagine giving her a 9999 rose bouquet then kneeling down in one knee, now that’s something. We have 199, 999, 9999 or even just 99 roses for sale. This beautifully arranged rose bouquet will be one of the memorable gifts you will ever give and again, who says it needs to be expensive? Affordable yet top of the notch quality.

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    The website was very easy to use, the delivery happened as scheduled. I received a picture of what was being delivered, 99 roses looked perfect! Strongly recommend this business +++

    Mr Pang


    Hands down the best customer service when it comes to florists. The 99 rose bouquet looked as perfect as the pic on the website, really eye catching stuff. Staff were really friendly over email, can't recommend them highly enough. Thanks again!

    Patrick Tan


    Highly recommended! Thanks for putting this together for my proposal. Excellent service, speed, 99 roses and communication.

    Wang Jun


    Need to Send 99 Roses Immediately? 100% Reliability and AAA+ Quality.

    Ever find yourself in a situation when you forgot to buy a gift for that special someone? I know life’s duties can be really hectic sometimes and times travels so fast when you’re busy that you forget to buy something. The Bloom Outlet is just as fast and it’s with a 24/7 99 roses bouquet delivery ready already!

    We can have free large flower delivery and this is for you to send during grand opening events, business events, funerals, birthday parties or other events that you might need some large flower, we’re here for you!

    We have 3 types of deliveries for you to choose from.

    Same day delivery gets you the quality bouquet within 24 hours. Appealingly arranged by our experts, your bouquet will look like it’s been well prepared since last month. We have the next day delivery which helps us style a little more, our experts will take time to go through the details in your bouquet and make it look a little more extra!

    When you got no time to waste, our urgent delivery is right on call! We can have the bouquet delivered immediately and don’t worry, it’ll still have the top quality and still professionally designed by our experts, only the delivery was on a rush but the beauty of the flower or your 99 rose bouquet wasn’t rushed.

    Crafted with love by our Expert Florist.

    It’s easy to express your love when what you’re giving is also made with love. It’s the beautiful workmanship and skillful talents poured in making these bouquets.

    Express your love and ignite the romance in the relationship with our 99 roses. But who’s to stop you when you want more 99 roses right? The more, the better. How about we make it a giant flower bouquet that’s made up of 99 rose bouquets? No problem, The Bloom Outlet and our team of professional florists are ready to back you up with an amazing gift.

    There are different types of love, there’s affirmation where you shower him/her with positive words, there are spending time and 3 more types of loves. But when you give someone a flower, that’s already a custom and tradition that dates back long ago, now that’s another kind of love and I guess I could say that all other 4 types of love will still fall in love with this romantic gesture, not just the type who likes receiving gifts but the rest of the types as well.