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The loss of someone can be something very hard for some people. The pain does not discriminate age, ethnicity, identity or social status; everyone suffers from the loss of a loved one no matter the circumstances. The first period of time after that person has left this world can be something very hard for them, and if you want to show that person how much you care about them and how sorry you feel for their loss, you can send them beautiful funeral flowers so they know that you appreciated that person just as much as they did.

Something that many people hope is to see the person that they’ve lost; maybe in another life, who knows? But the truth is that someday you will be together and will catch up with everything that has happened since the last time you’ve seen each other.

There are many things that you can do for someone during a funeral. One of the most common things (and the one is chosen by most people) is giving flowers. If you do not have enough time to visit them during the funeral, then you can choose to send them a flower wreath of condolences. Pick one within the many options that we have available for you and we will make sure that your flower wreath arrives in the place as soon as possible.

Don’t worry about not being able to show your presence in that place during this hard time. We are sure that after they receive the flower wreath of condolences purchased from our online store anywhere in Singapore, they will be moved by the gesture as they will know even if you are currently busy, you are thinking of them. However, after you have sent this, make sure that you can spend at least 5 minutes with them and show them how sorry you feel for their loss; they will appreciate it a lot and will do the same thing for you in case (hopefully not) something similar happens to you.

A loss will always be something very hard to cope with, no matter if it was a friend, a relative and sometimes, even the loss of a pet can be very painful for many people. During this time, you should make sure that they feel loved and help them to move on.

Pick a flower wreath of condolences from the category that we have developed in our online store and purchase the one that you like best so you can make sure that person feels your presence during the funeral. If there is something that you can do for them more than just giving those flowers, then, you should do so they can feel stronger while all of this is going on.

We have available very cheap prices in flower wreaths of condolences and we are available to send them during the 24 hours of the day anywhere in Singapore. Do not hesitate to buy it from us in case something like this has happened to you, to your friend or to some of your relatives.


One of the hardest times in life is losing someone we love. The pain, the sadness, the loneliness, the feelings that we come to feel – and not only that, but in many cases we have to put all that aside in order to concentrate on the funeral arrangements, which is an added stress. Here at The Bloom Outlet we understand and accompany you through this difficult time; we mourn your loss, and offer to help you with what we can, which is what we do best: make the best bouquets of flowers and offer them at the best price on the market.


Why You Should Choose Us for Your Funeral Flower?

We are your best option when it comes to funeral flower arrangements. We have a wide variety of flower arrangements for funeral, from which you can choose the one that you like the most. Other interesting thing about funeral flower is that you can get an arrangement that best represents how you feel and what you want to say, like the flower wreath funeral, that represents eternal life and eternal love. There are other popular flower for funeral that you can choose from, so don’t worry about anything – we have just what you need!


We Have the Best Funeral Flowers Collections in Singapore.

These are some of the most typical flower arrangement for funeral, all very classic and perfect for one occasion or another. Each one of these is a unique funeral flower arrangements, that will speak for itself about the love that you have for your loved one. We have some if you want to see some funeral flower arrangements pictures, and we can also assist you when it comes to choosing the right funeral flower arrangement for you! Also check out our discount funeral flower and condolence message ideas.


Our popular funeral flower types:

  • Condolence Flower Stand: Nothing better to say what you feel than through flowers.
  • Condolence Blanket: They are a wonderful way of showing sympathy and support.
  • Cross Wreath: They represent faith, perfect for the families who are most passionate about something so important.
  • Heart Wreath: They are beautiful, just as their meaning: the heart stands for love.
  • Flower sprays for funeral: They are very classic and gorgeous, perfect for every ocassion.
  • Funeral flower stands: Perfect for every funeral because they can stand alone.
  • Chinese funeral flower: They represent not only love for the loved one who just passed to a better place, but also represent the love for the culture that the whole family has.
  • Funeral flower arrangements for men: They are perfect for showing how much love you have for an important man that is no longer with you. They are classic and very formal.
  • Funeral flower bouquet: They are gorgeous and are usually white; they represent the pureness of the loved one’s heart.
  • Funeral flower keepsakes: They are beautiful and very detailed. It is a reminder for the present family of the love they all have for the member who just passed away.
  • Funeral flower sprays: They are very typical flower arregements, which means they go well with every funeral. They represent love.
  • Funeral flower car: We offer the service of sending a car with flowers to accompany you and your family in this difficult time.
  • Flower sprays for funeral casket: These are the flower arrangements that are typically placed on the funeral casket, which makes them one of the most important flowers of the ceremony.
  • Funeral urn flower arrangements: They are perfect for those who want to cremate their loved ones, or for when they left it written down as their wish.
  • Military funeral flower: They are ideal for those who want to remember the loved one as what they were: a hero. The flowers can come in various colors or themes, although they are usually made with the colors of flag of the country to whose militia the deceased belonged.
  • Funeral flower baskets: Perfect to send to a loved one or use as decoration at a funeral.


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We are here to help you with all you need to know about flower arrangements for a funeral, and we also have a wide variety of cheap funeral flower arrangements, so don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Just remember that flower arrangements funeral is a beautiful detail that everyone present will remember fondly about the event, and that funeral flower wreath are a great way to remember the love that the whole family had for the loved one. Also, beautiful flowers can remind you of all the joy and incredible memories that you and other members of your family shared with the loved one.

We have a flower delivery for funeral that is 100% trustworthy. Do you need flower delivery to funeral home immediately? We’ve got you! All of or services are AAA+ quality and quick, so don’t worry about anything! We understand that this is a very difficult time, so worrying about many things is really a luxury, one that you may not be able to give yourself; therefore, leave everything to us, and we assure you that you will not regret it!


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