Modern Corporate Flower Arrangement

Weekly Flower Delivery for Your Business, Office or Home

Our in-house floral stylists have all the expertise needed to arrange the exquisite floral design for you. From luxurious, modern, contemporary to traditional flower design for your office workspace, reception or building lobby, we sure to perfect your flower.

How does the weekly flower delivery service work?

Our floral stylist assists you from the beginning to end, from the design phase, picking fresh flowers to suit the style of your premises and finally bringing the masterpiece to your business. We deliver all across Singapore and provide corporate flower arrangement to all businesses from retail shops to hotels and multi-national companies.

All our weekly flower arrangements are fully maintained and taken care of by our design team to make sure your flower display stays gorgeous for the entire week. Our fresh weekly flowers are of the highest quality and always brought to you in stunning condition, radiant and ready to light up any space with warmth and fragrance.

No request is too small and we accommodate any number of design styles that our customer need. Need advice on your corporate flower arrangements from our experienced florist? Call us today and take the first step to brighten your space.

Let our floral stylist know your budget and delivery date and we arrange stunning flower design and delivered specifically to suit you on an on-going basis. You pay only for your flowers while containers and other hard-goods are picked up with each new delivery to be reused.


Do you have a minimum to order or contact?

Start from $100/ Delivery for weekly accounts. No Contact.


 What is the delivery area and charges?

Free delivery for our weekly accounts. With our flower design expertise and having one of the largest flower delivery fleets in Singapore, we are ready to fulfill the most complicated of your weekly flowers island wide.