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Social Media Platforms for Your Hand Bouquet Designs in Singapore


Being an online 24 hour florist specializing in flower arrangement needs more visual marketing than most think. A flower delivery website is not enough to showcase your design. You need the help of social media to reach more people than the regular visitors of your online shop. Fortunately, social media platforms with excellent image hosting features have been popping up in the recent years. These sites are useful for both personal and professional photos. For a professional flower arrangement specialist, taking advantage of social media platforms to promote your hand bouquet designs is one of the best ways to get clients and commissions. Below are some of the most popular image-hosting social media platforms for your hand bouquet.


Hand Bouquet on Instagram

As one of the most popular apps in the world, Instagram has been a favorite social sharing site of photographers and artists alike. As an online florist, your designs will be greatly promoted if you post them. You can take photographs and 60-second videos of the designs of your hand bouquet designs. You can even give your followers some behind the scenes of your process. You can further strengthen your post’s marketing pull by adding a catchy caption and trending express flower delivery hashtags. This combination of a good photo of your hand bouquet and online marketing strategies can be a great way to start your campaign in this particular site.


Hand Bouquet on Pinterest or Etsy

Pinterest caters more to the arts and crafts crowd as well as the event planners. Most of the stuff you see here are DIY and can range from flower arrangement to shelf making. This platform’s reach is so wide you can hang out all day and find new wonderful things you can achieve through DIY. Etsy, on the other hand, is more like a platform that hosts online florist shops. Artists use this site to showcase their art as well as sell merchandise that feature said art. This is a great way to showcase your flower arrangement skills and, at the same time, earn extra from your merchandise, including bags, shirts, pouches, and more.


Hand Bouquet on Facebook

Facebook has developed features that support online marketing—features such as Facebook pages, sponsored posts, and ads, among others. It is probably the most established social media platform at the present. Perhaps you already have a Facebook page for your Same day flower delivery, and that’s great. But if you still haven’t, set up one now and start uploading photos and videos of your hand bouquet designs. Brides and event planners are always on the lookout for fresh ideas and innovative styles, so if your hand bouquet samples have both style and appeal, you will have a steady online following in no time.

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