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Flower Arrangement Ideas from Tiong Bahru Florist in Singapore

Starting your own florist business in Tiong Bahru can be hard work. Especially if you think you still lack the experience in handling your own store. Like stock take, serving customer, managing online florist, Flower Delivery and more.  Do not panic! The first step is already done, you opened a store. The next is that you create flower arrangements that will get customers into your store. If you are feeling kind of inexperienced on that field, do not worry. You can start with a simple flower arrangement or a hand bouquet and go from there

Some great arrangement ideas would be:

The aquatic plant

A classic arrangement. Water plants do not need soil to survive and this would double as an aquarium or table display that is perfect for outdoors and during the summer to add that cooling effect in any room.

Spring bulb arrangement

Long and tall vessels of glass or vases are perfect for those petite flowers that dangle from high-reaching stems. Stems of different lengths gathered together to create this wonderful masterpiece.

Dutch floral display

Travel back in time with this 17th century inspired flower arrangement. Let in the Dutch feels and colors and let the flowers portray it elegantly with a unique design and arrangement.

Flowers in a glass compote

This dense vase or glass display is perfect for vibrant colored flowers. A brilliant Violet would go well with lighter colors like peach and orange. In a perfect glass case, it would look elegant and beautifully put together.

Flowers in a China Bowl

Let the culture and beauty of China inspire you with a mix of vivid colors like gold, red and brown and a dash of purple. A perfect combination of tulips and muscari will do the trick and will simply look elegant in a beautiful china bowl.

These are just some of the basic arrangements that florist in Singapore often do. If you want to know more, you can even ask Tiong Bahru florist about tips and ideas or just go to their website and get inspiration from there but make sure you don’t plagiarize their work. An online florist can help but it is always good to have your own unique arrangement that would later be the brand image of your florist business.

This would help in creating a name for you and help you gain a handful of interested and loyal customers that will surely help boost your flower shop business and let you reach your full potential. Always remember, be creative. Nothing is impossible with the beauty of flowers.