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It is true the flowers are undeniably beautiful. They have the power to make the room full of positive vibes and they have magic that touches the heart of the recipient. Flowers can also express the language of love efficiently than any other objects. When you shop for flowers online at Great World City Florist for Flower Delivery Singapore to loved ones or to decorate your own room at home, the Great World City Florist has these selections of beautiful flowers that are worth enjoying. Shop for flowers online now and enjoy its beautiful blooms:


Popular as the world’s best flower, Roses are featured with unique combination of fragrant blooms, rich colors, and thorny stems. They are great for hand bouquet and special flower arrangement for romantic and non-romantic purposes. With 100 species available worldwide, no wonder many people love the beauty of Roses.


Popular not only in Europe, Tulips are mostly preferred for same day flower delivery on special days and as holiday gifts to loved ones because of its elegance and grace. They are available in different colors and in 109 species throughout the world. You can send a florist delivery of Tulips bouquet to the people you love on special occasions and on ordinary days.


Lilies are available in different types. There are Peruvian Lilies, Stargazer Lilies, and more. They are meant to express sympathy or to symbolize modesty. White ones are associated to purity and majesty while pink ones represent prosperity, wealth, and abundance. When you send a bouquet of Lilies, you are also sending someone special a meaningful and expressive gift.


The flowers of daffodils are truly beautiful. The golden yellow color is associated to spring. The long stems of Daffodils symbolize hope, forgiveness, patience, and encouragement to someone who is grieving or unhappy. Great World City Florist in Singapore may not have this flower anytime, but you can count on the online florist to help you access them from local and international suppliers when you need them.


Known for its gold-like color, Marigold is also available in orange, yellow, and white colors. Some blooms even have maroon outlines. Although to some culture and tradition, this flower is not ideal to give as birthday gift because it is associated to death, it is indeed beautiful and charming to many lovers of flowers who believe that they carry positive meaning.

The 24 hour florist in Singapore has a lot of flowers to offer, aside from these. Any Flower Delivery Singapore that you send is guaranteed beautiful and enjoyable.