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Hougang Florist Tells You What are the Expensive Types of Flowers for Flower Delivery in Singapore

As flowers come in different colors, sizes, shapes, patterns, and structures, they also come in a wide range of prices. They are used not only as beautiful adornment and decoration but also given as tokens and gifts to express love and admiration and sentiments. Sending Flower Delivery Singapore is a great choice, and if you have the wealth to splurge on the gift of flowers, the Hougang Florist Singapore recommends these expensive types of flowers for special same day flower delivery.


Gloriosa is native to South Africa and other Asian countries. This type of flower is not only expensive but unique and one of a kind as well. They are usually priced at $6 to $10 per piece of flower. They come in various colors such as yellow, orange, green, red, purple, and lilac. They are great for special occasions and events or for expensive gift of birthday flowers.

17th Century Tulip

During the 17th Century, the price of this Tulip exploded selling at $5,700 per piece. With its expensive price, it was used as status symbol by wealthy family. The beauty of the flower was distinct during that time. The lush blooms and the strong smell of the flower were among the reasons why the flower became popular not only as a rare bloom but also as an object for paintings and festivals, which led to the Tulip mania. Tulips nowadays are still expensive but the Hougang florist in Singapore knows where to source out the flowers for affordable price.

Juliet Rose

The most elegant Rose, the Juliet Rose is a bloom in pale peach color and subtle scent. The sweet smell, the romantic bloom, and the lovely color of this flower were also tagged high because it took its sole grower 15 long years of nurturing. It was priced $15.8M in 2006. This Rose is mostly preferred for wedding hand bouquet by brides who can afford its price.

Gold of Kinabalu

Priced at $6,500, the flower of Gold Kinabalu Orchid only blooms in 15 years, which explains why it is expensive. Since this plant is protected and exclusive only in the Kinabalu National Park in Malaysia, its price was higher than other orchid flowers.

Shenzhen Nongke Orchid

It takes 4 or 5 years before the Shenzhen Nongke Orchid blooms. More than that, it took the scientists of the Shenzhen Nongke 8 years to nurture and develop the perfect rare flower. Because of these factors, this flower was one of the most expensive flowers in the world sold in an auction.  The yellow and purple colors are a unique mixture of colors in Orchids, which is another reason for its high price tag.

There are different varieties of expensive flowers to choose from, and your florist can lead you to most expensive one. A flower arrangement of beautiful flowers is a lovely gift on any occasion and, whether you want them affordable or expensive, giving or sending Flower Delivery Singapore from 24 hour florist at Hougang is a thoughtful gesture. Regardless of price, you will definitely make your expression of love or romance more special with flowers.